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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Valentino takes the crown

When Bro Valentino first stepped onstage at the sixth annual Veterans Calypso Competition on Monday night, the audience welcomed him with the warm respect befitting a cultural hero.
The show, which was presented by the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC), in association with the Congress of the People (COP), and held at SWWTU Hall on Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, featured ten calypsonians, singing new songs in the first round, and selecting numbers from their existing repertoire for the second. Versatile was first, singing Sin of the Parents and Mr Calypso. Contender, at number two, sang Perseverance Does Pay, celebrating his first time at The Big Yard last year. In the second round, he sang Now Talk, a humorous song about young people’s slang. He was well received both times.
Rootsman’s offerings were Black Holocaust and the popular Rock Me. Bro Valentino struck a nostalgic note with No Replacements—bemoaning the loss of lyric, wit and wisdom in music from yesteryear’s greats—and his classic Barking Dogs. Organiser, flashily dressed, delivered his humorous D Summit—recalling the facade of perfection T&T tried to present during the Summit of the Americas last year—and the Nuts Vendor, which the crowd loved. Mudada, who sang The Mantle and Ready to Party, was followed by Poser, with We Should ah Teach Them and Nowadays.
Winner of this year’s Veterans Calypso Competition Bro
Valentino goes through his composition during Monday
night’s competition.
Power sang Family Ties and Ah Comin, which was a hit with the audience. Singing Francine sang Mothers in Trouble and St Peter Say, before guest calypsonian Lord Nelson appeared and regaled the crowd with a vibrant and saucy performance of several hits, including La La and Meh Lover.
The results
1. Bro Valentino
2. Organiser
3. Contender
4. Power
5. Singing Francine
6. Rootsman
7. Mudada and Versatile (tied)

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