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Friday, 5 February 2010

Carnival enjoyment outpouring at WASA

It was all about fun for this crew. Photos: Angelo Marcelle
 A well-lit WASA Sports Grounds in St Joseph welcomed thousands of eager fete lovers on Saturday night, to what was coined the Ultimate Water Fete. From as early as 11 pm, patrons began walking into the venue and by 12.30 am, the large field was almost filled to capacity. Unlike last year’s WASA experience, the hassle to enter the venue was eliminated, as patrons were given the opportunity to walk freely from the front gates to the area where tickets were collected and scan checks done. Bunji, Fay-Ann and Asylum kicked things off early, with a great performance. Dressed in sweats, Fay-Ann delivered with her 2010 hits, while Bunji gave eager revelers near the front of the stage just what they wanted to hear, including his controversial track, Who You Rather, as well as others from years gone by. Near the back of the venue, the band’s performance was met with mediocre appreciation as patrons coming in sought the right location to plant themselves for the night and others seemed to simply feel it was just too early to get on as they eventually would.
RIGHT: Denise Belfon during her performance.
Amid the crowd of WASA revelers on Saturday night, one PNM minister was seen liming with friends. Information Minister Neil Parsanlal met and greeted many in the crowd, all the while, jumping, waving, chipping and wining as the music rang out. Regional soca artistes Tallpree and Problem Child took the stage with the Asylum Band, each sending the crowd wild with their theatrics, however it was Tallpree who scored top points with his 2010 J’Ouvert track, Wicked Jab. The police presence at WASA was commendable, as the authorities maintained order at the fete that many, in recent years, had become disenchanted about, due to violence. This year, though, there weren’t any notable incidents, as patrons all seemed to have only enjoyment on their minds. Between bands, the crowd was entertained by DJ Marlon Mr Music and Ringo Star, while Giselle The Wassy One made her presence felt throughout the night as she kept the masses hyped with her powerful orders and chants.
By 1.30 am, the vibe was on point and the constant chants of “wheel and pull up” by Ringo Star, initially viewed by many as an annoyance, became bearable as patrons kept the alcohol flowing, and their feet, waists and arms moving to the rhythm of sweet soca music. Shurwayne Winchester and You took to the stage next, and as though they’d been anticipating this fete with bated breath, their new, sleek style of soca invaded WASA, energising the masses from the front to the rear of the savannah. For 45 minutes, Shurwayne gave WASA energy, momentum and rhythm. Jumping into his old-school kaiso set, he introduced the youths to the music that led the way to today’s soca. The band’s versatility inspired three or four dancehall hits, which were welcomed by those who eagerly moved to the beat. The Millionaire Family and Skinny Fabulous came on during the band’s performance, tearing the place down and keeping the pace upbeat.
Shurwayne and You left the crowd pumped like no one else had. The Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars were last to perform and by that time, all barriers had broken down and the thrill of a clean, safe and fun-filled WASA fete gave everyone something to smile about. Blaxx offered his 2010 hits, Zombie and Huntin’, along with 2009’s Tusty and 2008’s Breathless. Rita Jones’ powerful vocals reached far into the night but realistically, Shurwayne Winchester and You proved to be a hard act to follow on WASA night. All in all, the fete earned a nine out of ten—with just one point lost for too much talk by Ringo Star.
Aba A. Luke 

If you want to see footage of WASA FETE CLICK HERE.
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