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Thursday, 19 August 2010

MTV’s Daphne Narvaez 'wild n out' for new mas band

Daphne Narvaez

International swimsuit, music video and MTV model Daphne Narvaez is one of the faces of the new mas band YUMA (Young and Upwardly Mobile). The band’s presentation for Carnival 2011 is titled Zodeak. Narvaez, whose curves have been featured on the pages of numerous magazines, was in T&T recently for a photoshoot. While here, she marvelled at YUMA’s costumes, gave a few pointers to local models and took some lessons in the fine art of wining from YUMA’s local models. So impressed was Narvaez by the work of the designers for YUMA that she asked them to create a special swimsuit for a competition in Las Vegas last month. She beat out contestants from all over the United States to be a finalist.

Her swimsuit, designed by YUMA designer Crystal Aming and co-created with Richard and Anthony (who also design for the band), was a hit at the event, she said. Narvaez is excited for the launch of YUMA’s 2011 Carnival presentation scheduled for today.. At the event, her photos and each of YUMA’s 13 section Zodeak, will be officially unveiled. Narvaez was on a photoshoot in Canada when WomanWise caught up with her to answer a few of our questions:

1. How did you get into modeling?

I first got introduced to modeling at 18. I was discovered by a casting director who put me in my first video. Through him, I booked a spot on MTV's Wild n Out with Nick Cannon for 4 seasons. After that, the magazine spreads, music videos, catalogs, commercials, all followed.

2. What do you think of the local models in Trinidad and Tobago?

The local models are beautiful! All very exotic and definitely have a lot of personality! I feel like all the models in Trinidad are very warm, friendly people. Good vibes and they know how to just relax and also have a good time.

3. What would you say to those who look down on swimsuit and music video modeling?

I would say, ‘I'd like to see you get in a swimsuit and look this hot!’ Just kidding! Well, of course you're always going to have stereotypes of women in the music video world. And although my name in the US did get a bit of a start from videos, it also opened a lot of other doors for me. I got to meet different people from everywhere, different agencies, casting director who aren't just centralised in the "video world." Everyone has to start somewhere! My experiences with music videos and being in that world has so far been positive, its definitely all in how you carry yourself.

4. What’s the one part of your body you love the most?

Hmm, I guess I would have to say my waist. Regardless of my bad eating habits, it seems to stay kind to me.

5. What’s the one physical asset you think all women should promote?

Their curves! I'm in love with hourglass shapes, big or small. Embrace your entire body, you only have one!

6. What advice would you give to young models in T&T who are interested in international modeling careers?

I would say, to always do your research on people and agencies. Stand up for yourself if you feel your working for less then you are worth. Always be professional and humble! And never take rejection as an insult, but use it as motivation.

7. What surprised you the most about T&T?

That it’s really pretty small. But mostly how warm and friendly the people are. And how delicious the food was! Bake and Shark please.

8. How did you first hear about T&T Carnival?

Well I have a few Brazilian and Puerto Rican friends and also my dad, who is Puerto Rican- who would talk about this "carnival" party. I couldn't really wrap my head around it at first, but once Teri Bovell gave me more insight on it, I just wanted to know "where's the party at? I'm there!"

9. What do you look forward to the most about Carnival 2011?

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different styles of costumes! From what I see with YUMA's Zodeak theme, I know I'm in for a treat! I also would be interested to see just how big this party really is! From what I'm hearing, it’s definitely something you have to experience!

10. Why are YOU a YUMA?

I'm a YUMA because I'm young and positive. May I also mention that I love and enjoy YUMA's unique creativity, talent and good vibes!

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