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Sunday, 28 March 2010

SKULLDUGGERY : Carnival 2011

8 Time King of Carnival Peter Samuel is about to unleash some Mas in the arena for Carnival 2011. Samuel has promised to bring back the elements of creativity, political and social satire, and we cant forget great fun with the band SKULLDUGGERY.
Already Skullduggery  has named two sections  of the band and hinted that the legendary Charlie's Roots is going to join them on the road for 2011. In the short couple of weeks their facebook page has built a growing  following  with people  already showing interest in individual costumes, talk is the band will feature some 20 sections a King and Queen individuals, and already has the blessings of  Peter Minshall, the question is will Skullduggery  mark the return of a Minshall,Samuel,Rudder collaboration?

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