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Monday, 10 May 2010

Jewels de Carnaval presents OCEANIA for Notting Hill Carnival 2010

JdC will be parading with the band Burrokeets UK, whose presentation for 2010 is entitled Renaissance.

This theme pays tribute to the past 20yrs of portrayals by Burrokeets UK, with each section this year drawing on a past theme, enhancing, modernising and refreshing it.
Jewels de Carnaval settled on the portrayal of ‘Hands on Deck’ which was Burrokeets UK band of 1999.

As ‘Hands On Deck’ immediately draws one’s mind to the vision of the sea, sailors, ships, cruises, and other mythical creatures and stories that can be found, OCEANIA was born.
OCEANIA is the term most commonly applied to the islands in and around the Pacific region such as Christmas Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa, Hawaii, French Polynesia and Easter Islands to name a few.

The costumes of OCEANIA, is JdC’s creative, modern interpretation of these idyllic pictures conjured up when one thinks of taking a cruise to say Hawaii .

JdC’s Oceania is undoubtedly sexy, appealing and even risqué, for indeed, some of us do like that bit of adventure and a touch of mischief on a holiday far away, even taking on a new persona, being reborn as it were.

For the women, you can transform yourself into a modern day sea siren or sea nymph, tantalising Neptune or sailors on a passing ship or two. Guys, you are not to be left out, as you put on the costume, feel yourselves transform into the modern day version of the mythical Greek Neptune -God’s of the Sea, with the swirling sea nymphs at your side.
We welcome you on board OCEANIA

-Costumes include Front Line, Regular & Male options
-Deposit - £40 back line & male / £60 front line
-Secure payments can also be made via Pay Pal on this website. Pay Pal accepts most Debit & Credit cards
- Costumes designed by Point and Click (Trinidad & Tobago) and Bea Thomas

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Sunday, 9 May 2010


SKULLDUGGERY have announced the date for the launch of their 2011 presentation.
The launch will be held at the recently renovated and redesigned Anchorage beach club Chaguaramas on Sunday 4th of July 2010.
The launch boasts an entertainment line up of Charlies Roots with David Rudder, and 3Canal.
The much anticipated costumes will also be on show.

So keep that date on record

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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Princess Adanna riding wave of talent

Being the opening act for international superstars like Whitney Houston and Rod Stewart can be considered an accomplishment on its own for most people. But this is not the case of multi-talented, Tobago-born Adanna Roberts, aka Princess Adanna. There is more to her than just performing on the same stage with icons; the 22-year-old says her greatest joy is getting up in front of her own people in Tobago. While on stage, she is like wild fire, fierce and raging with energy, but she has the ability to sing almost any type of track.
Adanna Roberts, aka Princess Adanna.
Princess Adanna is a household name in Tobago and she is quickly growing in popularity internationally. Already, she has three video projects on Synergy TV, Tempo and RE-TV. She is also currently working on three albums that are expected to be out in stores soon. Princess Adanna said, “Performing in Tobago Jazz Festival with Whitney Houston was a big accomplishment for Tobago and Trinidad by extension. “But, there are other elements which make up Princess Adanna. “I won the gold medal in the world championship of performing arts in Los Angeles,” Princess Adanna said. Not only is she known for her polished notes and vocal ability, she is also a professional ballet, modern and folk dancer.
She started singing professionally at age 15, when she performed her first calypso, Too Many Crimes in This Country. When she turned 16, Princess Adanna further gained popularity with the songs Low Wine and Flammable Waste Line, becoming the youngest person to win TUCO Soca Monarch in Tobago. She was born part of a twin, but lost her sister in a vehicular accident at a very young age. Princess Adanna, who is a resident of Bon Accord, Crown Point, is managed by Andre Thorne of Baby Thorne Productions. Having attended the Mason Hall Secondary School, she went on to pursue studies in Theatre Arts. She also works at 91.9FM, Iwer George’s station, Tobago Bashment. Princess Adanna’s advice to young people wishing to pursue singing as a career is not to limit themselves. “Don’t limit your voice and ability to one type or genre of music. Go and get the full pie.”

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Lady Gaga : @ American Idol in Armani

 The surprisingly long-lasting PR machine/pop star that is Lady Gaga was surprisingly quiet – that is, her wardrobe at least – for her performance at the Met Costume Institute Gala this past Monday. But come tonight, Gaga has a much bigger stage for her choreographed singing and dancing. The pop star knowing for using soda cans as rollers is slated to appear on American Idol tonight. And in typical eye-catching form – even though moderated just a tad for primetime TV – Gaga is slated to wear an Armani silk mesh bodysuit with embroidered Chantilly lace and crystal and jet beading. Over it, she will wear a silk organza cape with an embroidered hood and black patent stiletto boots. Somehow, we’re guessing the jet beading is going to be strategically placed. The designer chatted on the ongoing design collaboration. “American Idol is a real modern phenomenon that has captured the public’s imagination and delivers great drama,” said Giorgio Armani.

“It is fitting then that the show is to host another modern phenomenon who has proved to be fascinating, and whose every appearance is a piece of theatre: Lady Gaga. Dressing Lady Gaga for the Grammy Awards, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, and now for American Idol has been a very exciting project. To complement the spirit of Lady Gaga herself, I have let my imagination run free, and the outfit I have created for her for American Idol is pure fantasy.”
Fantasy for fashion followers or if we’re talking silk mesh here, fantasy of another kind? From the sketch, we’d almost lean to the neo-classically romantic. But stay tuned to find out.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010


The human skeleton is a powerful visual symbol. It’s come to represent the “remains”, what’s left after life has ended, after the flesh and mind cease to function. In my photographs, I use the human skeleton as the formal visual element, the subject of the image. In this manner, the skeleton is both the protagonist and antagonist (the Buddhist notion about, “the duality of man” seems apt).For each photograph I disassemble the modular system of the skeleton and reconfigure the elements to form a new image. These images are man made. Images of aggression, images that cause suffering, devastation and conflict. I intend the images to plant the notion of restraint and charity in an effort to promote peace and tolerance.
If you want to find out more about Francois Robert.
Accidental Mysteries
Design Observer Group

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