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Saturday, 20 February 2010

South Queen calls for Carnival museum

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Reigning south Queen of Carnival Rosemarie Kuru-Jagessar is calling for the establishment of a Carnival museum to display costumes that were exhibited in the national competition. Kuru-Jagessar said in an interview yesterday that the majority of people only got a glimpse of these elaborate costumes during their short appearance during the competition stages. She said many of them were eliminated after the preliminary stage and never see the light of day again. Pointing out that a lot of money, time and thought, were invested in these costumes Kuru-Jagessar said it was almost a sin to discard them without people getting an opportunity to appreciate their real beauty and craft.
“I see so many lovely costumes which do not make it to the semi’s so people do not really get to see them.” It is for this reason, she said, “I would like to see a Carnival museum where locals and tourists can see costumes, whether they win or not, on display long after Carnival.” She said they can be taken down and apart at the end of the year to clear the way for costumes from the season to come. Kuru-Jagessar, who copped the national title after 28 years, said she would like see her 2010 winning costume Waka-Nisha—the Sacred Water Bearer, displayed at the Piarco International Airport. “So people coming in or leaving the country could see it,” she said.

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