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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Creative Mas outside PoS

MASQUERADERS took to the streets of Barrackpore, on Saturday, portraying traditional characters in true Trini style — wining and chipping to the sounds of music — at the launch of Regional Carnival 2015.
The event, hosted by the National Carnival Commission (NCC), transformed the southern community into a sea of revellers in a parade which ended at Cumuto Recreation Ground on Rochard Douglas Road.

Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Dr Lincoln Douglas, addressing the gathering, noted Regional Carnival represents the “birthplace of creativity” that ushers in the season of revelry before the period of Lent.

On the lament Carnival lacks creativity and no longer attracts spectators, Douglas said there is to much focus on portrayals in Port-of-Spain and mas in communities outside of the capital is now a top draw.

“So when people in Port-of-Spain complain that they do not have an audience, I asked them to go to the regional carnivals, like in Toco, in Paramin to see the blue devils, in Gasparillo or even Cedros. That is where a lot of the action is happening,” Douglas said.

He added there are 52 regional celebrations and which are growing and getting better, and referred to Carnival as a significant force for unifying people, creating an industry to support the economy and the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We are working very hard on our Carnival development projects to make the transitions, not only from being one of the greatest festivals in the world, but also an industry to support all the artistes who participate in this industry,” Douglas said.

The launch featured several groups among them the Whip Masters of Couva, Blue Devils of Paramin, the Tamboo Bamboo of Gasparillo, Chatham Old Boys Rhythm Section and the Siparia Rhythm Posses. There were also several Carnival characters among them the pierrot grenades, dame lorraines, fancy Indians and sailors.

NCC deputy chairman Don Sylvester noted each year regional Carnival is launched in a different community, and the residents of Barrackpore and environs were “very excited” as it was the first time they had seen such an event.

He shared some plans to promote Carnival. “I was recently at Nottinghill’s Carnival ( London) and persons approached me for Carnival traditions from Trinidad like moko jumbies. I am also organising that. That is what people want, they want the traditions of their culture. There is a TV station in the US that is interested in visiting the island to sponsor and support stick fighting as the news sports.”
Source: Newsday



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