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Friday, 26 February 2010

Mas, pan feature at Hong Kong celebrations

Anthony Lau, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, second from left, receiving gifts from Ashton Ford of the T&T High Commission, London, left, along with Clarie Salandy, leader of Mahogany mas band and Albert Charles, leader of Ebony Steel Orchestra.
Ebony Steelband and portrayals from the London-based Mahogany mas band featured in the 15th annual Chinese New Year celebrations—The Year of the Tiger— held in Hong Kong between December 12-17. Ebony Steelband played David Rudder’s Calypso Music, while Mahogany’s presentation of the Winter was a big hit on a damp Sunday night parade at Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre. The band was popular among the large crowd which saw the characters portraying several aspects of the winter season in the United Kingdom as part of the overall programme that featured the four seasons, namely winter, spring, summer and autumn. 

The parade was described by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) executive director Anthony Lau as one the world’s scintillating spectacles. It was a fusion of eastern and western elements, a procession of fantastic floats, colourful local and international performers, all of which were well received by the spectators. On the international, level there were presentations from Korea, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Belgium, Thailand and UK. The HKTB held a reception for the international performing groups and float sponsors at the Prince Restaurant, where Lau disclosed that the festival started 15 years ago and expressed the view that the parade has now become the city’s   
                                                                                  LEFT: Floats from Mahogany mas band on parade at the Chinese
 New Year celebrations at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
home grown tradition.                                                                       

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