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Friday, 12 February 2010

Reigning calypso monarch 'Chalkdust' to sing third

REIGNING Calypso Monarch Hollis ’Chalkdust’ Liverpool will sing in position number three at Sunday’s Dimanche Gras show at the Queen’s Park Savannah.
Chalkdust, who is going after a record ninth title, may sing ’Eye Problems’ but has told organisers he may change his song, as he has been working on another piece.
The draw for the final was held yesterday in Port of Spain and Mistah Shak, signing ’Rogue’, drew the number one position for his first appearance on the big stage.

Following is the order of appearance for Sunday’s final:

1. Mistah Shak - ’Rogue’
2. Skatie - ’A Cry For Life’
3. Chalkdust - ’Eye Problems (May be changed)’
4. Brian London - ’A Calypsonian’
5. Singing Sandra - ’No Child Shall Be Left Behind’
6. The Original DeFosto ’Himself - In A Palace State of Mind’
7. Protector - ’My Vision’
8. Sean Daniel - ’God Is Love’
9. Devon Seales - ’De Sharer Strikes’
10. Mr Chucky - ’A People’s National Movement
11. All Rounder - ’Female Life Guard’
12. Twiggy - ’Give Thanks’
13. Kizzie Ruiz - ’Aide Haiti’
14. Nicole Greaves - ’Where The Lions Are’
15. Kurt Allen -’Too Bright’

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