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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The African contribution was exhibited and featured in House Carnival

The cultural richness of African descent in the Carnival of Barranquilla through its history, customs, cuisine, rituals, dances and music were presented at the workshop 'Exhibition: Palenque in the Carnival of Barranquilla' guided by the folklorist and Angelica Herrera degree in Dance. 
Attendees toured through a photographic exhibition that told the story of the arrival of African descent in America, his time in Cartagena de Indias, their settlement in San Basilio de Palenque and cultural contribution to the Carnival of Barranquilla in charge of the Angelina Cimarra historian. 

The pedagogy of African culture that was given to the carnival included the presentation of their rituals, and Bullerengue Lumbalú; your Chalupa and Mapalé dances to folklorist it was invited Luz Marina Cañate.

  The traditional courts afropeinados presented by Navarro Ereidis teacher, clinician and researcher of the topic and the cuisine Palenquera on behalf of one of its traditional doers who explained each step of handicraft production, traditional ingredients and sang verses of his enthusiastic vendors, they also represent one of the intangible wealth of these communities.  
With this workshop representing expressions Barranquilla Carnival, completed 16 games this year that the Foundation has offered Barranquilla Carnival directors folk groups, this time to know the contribution of African descent to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Colombians like Carnival of Barranquilla and San Basilio de Palenque.

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