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Sunday, 5 August 2012

New band on the block: ‘The Conquest’ by Colourz

POWERFUL: Lido’s Conquest by Mermaid Designs. —Photos: MICHEAL BRUCE
Several of today’s successful Carnival mas bands began with their respective bandleaders producing sections in other bands. Eventually one decides to step out on one’s own. Thus we ended up with mas bands such as Tribe, Yuma, Dream Team and now Colourz. 
The new band on the block is the vision of Michael Johnson come to fruition. Johnson has many years of experience in the mas fraternity as a masquerader, designer and section leader. Before embarking on his own brand, Johnson did a section for Trini Revellers. 
When Johnson decided to go out on his own he realised that one really could not do this alone and so invited a few friends to get involved. Among the people who joined Johnson on his new journey were: Gerard Barnes, Brian Chin and Junior Jones all of whom have been involved in the mas arena in one way or another for years.
The design team for this debut presentation, titled The Conquest, comprises Johnson, Chin, Barnes, Keith McLean and Nadia John who is herself making her debut as a costume designer. Conquest features ten sections and the band will offer complete all-inclusive service on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. 
“We want to give our masqueraders value for money all around and with an added creative element. Our costumes will offer more than just the bikini and beads, although we do have those. We are just offering the masqueraders options by having costumes with more covering so to speak. The band is completely all-inclusive, but much more affordable than the other bands offering the same,” Barnes said.
Colourz introduced itself and launched its 2013 presentation, The Conquest, on July 27 at the Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne, Port of Spain, where patrons were treated to live entertainment and a preview of the costumes. All of the designs presented received a favourable response and if that is any indication on the interest, people will be flocking to the #7 Baden-Powell Street, Woodbrook, mas camp when it opens early next week. 
 The designers and the models showcasing their costumes during the launch

The synopsis of The Conquest according to the statement issued by the band is as follows: “It is innate in man to want to exert dominion over his environment and all that is in it. With this desire to conquer, man has come up with many strategies to assert himself as the most powerful, the most authoritative and the most supreme. Surviving the most extreme situations has not only ascertained his superiority, but also cemented his need to be in control.” 
“Control means freedom from perpetual reaction and always one step ahead of others. He seeks control of greater values, both material and personal. Although conquest is often thought to be initially physical, the concept can also be applied to other areas such as politics, economics, space, geography, culture and emotions. It is when man has full control over each and every facet that impacts him and his life, it is only then that he would be truly free and express himself as the ultimate conqueror,” the statement read.
The sections in The Conquest are Conquest of Space, Conquest of Love, Conquest of Slavery, Aztec Warrior, German Warfare, Conquest of the Apocalypse, Conquest of Genghis Khan, Conquest of the Americas, Lido’s Conquest and Conquest of the Amazon. For further enquiries, call 622-0322 or bandleader Mike Johnson 769-7609.

By Wayne

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