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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Trini Revellers out to capture top honours in 2012

If Sunday’s launch of Trini Reveller’s 2012 Carnival presentation, Carnival The Golden Years at the Anchorage in Chaguaramas is anything to go by, the band may be very hard to beat for the Large Band of the Year (BOTY) 2012 title.
A level of excitement pervaded the venue following the presentation of costumes. Patrons were very pleased with what they saw and the concept behind the band’s presentation. Trini Revellers will be acknowledging the work of several mas bandleaders for their outstanding contribution and dedication to Carnival, especially during what they consider to be the Golden Years.”

As such, the band will turn back the hands of time and attempt to recapture the glory and moments of those Golden Years. According to the leaders of the band, the accolades to these bandleaders can only be appreciated by re-visiting the glorious moments of their winning performances.

To the Trini Revellers’ Committee, the latter half of the 20th century can be aptly considered as “the Golden Years;” the breathtaking presentations of Wayne Berkeley, Harold Saldenah, George Bailey, Stephen Lee Heung, Irvin McWilliams and Peter Minshall can be considered the climax of the Golden Years of Carnival, as evidenced by their supremacy over the decades, each winning several “Band of the Year” titles. 

Trini Revellers' head honcho, Jeff Gillette, left, with former Poison bandleader Michael Headley
 at the launch of Revellers' 2012 presentation, Carnival "The Golden Years."
On the streets of Port-of-Spain for Carnival 2012, Trini Revellers intend to bring history to life when they present some 12 sections, mainly depicting winning presentations of the past which captured the hearts and minds of spectators.At the launch on Sunday, receiving tumultuous applause was the adaptation of George Bailey’s Bright Africa (1969), as well as the section El Dorado, City of Gold, Harold Saldenah’s winning 1968 presentation. 

Other sections that delighted patrons included Secrets of the Sky (Wayne Berkeley, 1973), China the Forbidden City (Stephen Lee Heung, 1967), Amazonia (Masmen, 1982) and the angels and archangels of Paradise Lost (designed by Peter Minshall for Stephen Lee Heung, 1976). 

Also on display were Swan Lake (Wayne Berkeley, 1991), The Wonders of Buccoo Reef (Irvin McWilliams, 1971), Les Bijoux (Wayne Berkeley, 1982), Picoplat ( Peter Minshall , 2002), Savage (Fun Lovers Incorporated, 1988) and Snow Kingdom (John Humphrey, 1966)

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