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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mac Farlane in search of ‘Sanctification’

Crime, violence and the state of emergency were the inspiration behind Brian Mac Farlane’s 2012 presentation, Sanctification...In Search of.
Known for his lavish launches over the years, Mac Farlane, who this year opted for the confines of his Rosalino Street, Woodbrook mas camp for the launch of his 2012 presentation, didn’t skimp on theatrics, and in true Mac Farlane style, the five-time band of the year winner gave patrons a vivid representation of what next year’s presentation represents.

Mac Farlane held the attention of patrons for a little over half an hour as he dramatically unfolded Sanctification and vividly depicting good versus evil. Mac Farlane, emerged from a hole in the stage, and appeared as if he was emerging from the centre of the earth. And after tugging and fighting with a deathly and wicked looking character representing evil and trying to yearn towards a figure in white representing good, Mac Farlane was eventually “set free,” and was able to unveil the ten sections of Sanctification – “Aphotic” (Having no light, Darkness), “Luxuria” (Self Indulgent, Sexual Desire, Lust – One of the Deadly Sins), “Annihilation” (Destruction of Life, War, Murder); “Hades” (Ruler of the Underworld); “Salacious” (Lustful, Obscene, Grossly Indecent; “Lecherous” (Erotically Suggestive, Inciting to Lust); “Sheol” (Departed Spirits, Lost Souls), “Benevolence” (Goodwill, Desire to do Good); “Jubilation” (Celebration, Joy or Exultation) and “Patrioteer” (Flag Waver, Lover of Country, Loyalist). 
Brian Mac Farlane emerges from a hole in the middle of the stage
during a theatrical presentation
 which was part of the launch of his 2012 Carnival presentation
In Search Of held on Sunday at his mas camp,
 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.

Unlike other Carnival bands, Mac Farlane’s launch did not feature models presenting costumes and patrons had to settle for sketches of characters in red, white and black.

Mac Farlane, who said he almost didn’t bring out a band for 2012, said next year, his revellers will be clothed in cotton as he has done away with all the fancy materials and trimmings. The band will feature the colours of Trinidad and Tobago’s national flag, red, white and black, with the red representing blood, black, the darkness and white, unity.

Sanctification...In Search Of is the final installment of a trilogy of presentations which began in 2010 with his presentation Resurrection and continued this year with Humanity Circle of Life.
source: newsday
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