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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Now Ronnie and Caro challenge NCBA results

Ronnie and Caroline McIntosh have joined the list of discontented bandleaders who have sent letters through their lawyers to the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) demanding their score sheets. Bandleaders Rosalind Gabriel and David Cameron, of Trini Revellers, have also sought advice from their lawyers and asked for their score sheets.

At a press conference at their Woodbrook mas camp yesterday, McIntosh also expressed frustration at not getting answers from NCBA chairman David Lopez on the judging criteria which led to over 25 bands being deducted points for not following the prescribed parade route. He said the issue was not that their presentation De River Come Down did not win, but that they were seeking answers from Lopez. “Our focus is making our masqueraders happy. We want answers from the NCBA,” Mcintosh said.

“We want to know where did we place, because we only saw one to six. We also want to know why were we disqualified, because they said that to us. What is the penalty for disqualification? “We want our points from the NCBA. The rules we signed with the NCBA didn’t state anything about off-route, so that is something which we are now hearing. We need to get some answers on that because it is tied in to why we were disqualified.”

Several calls to the cellphone of chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Allison Demas went unanswered yesterday. Messages were also not returned. Lopez also could not be reached for comment yesterday as repeated calls to his cellphone went unanswered up to late yesterday. McIntosh said Lopez told him that according to the NCBA’s GPS system, the band went off-route.

McIntosh insisted his band met the NCBA stipulations and crossed all the judging points, including the Queen’s Park Savannah, Adam Smith Square and downtown Port-of-Spain.

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