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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Big launch in Chaguanas

The biggest regional Carnival celebrations is expected to take place in the borough of Chaguanas, according to Mayor Gopaul Boodhan.
Boodhan declared the celebrations opened following a street parade of traditional mas characters on Sunday.
He said 30 Jouvert bands have already registered as well as 250 traditional mas characters.
The theme, he said, was “One People, One Rhythm”. “And what you are seeing here today is really one people, one rhythm. We have over 250 characters in different sections. We started at Busy Corner in Chaguanas and came down to the market carpark. This display is of all the different characters, really showcasing the culture and artform of Trinidad and Tobago.”
Boodhan said the Carnival celebrations was a collaboration of the National Carnival Commission, Chaguanas Borough Corporation and corporate sponsors.
“This is the biggest and most organised Carnival launch we have had in Chaguanas. This is what regional Carnival is all about. We are showcasing the talent, art and culture of Trinidad which is what we are all about. And we are working with a budget of $1.5 million.”
Boodhan said his mandate was to celebrate every festival in the borough throughout his term.
“We want to have an avenue for expression. This is my mandate to bring people, communities and artforms of Trinidad and Tobago together,” he said.
Boodhan said the Carnival celebrations include a queen competition, calypso, chutney and tassa, pan on the move, Jouvert and parade of the bands.

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