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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


  • The sample of Laura Anderson, composed of 64 pieces, opened with a parade of stilt walkers through the historic center that attracted hundreds of people
With a performance and parade groups zanqueros The Zancudo, Zaachila (Oaxaca), the Brooklyn Jumbies (New York) and members of Pro-Alternate Theatre (Mexico City), the exhibition opened to the public Transcomunalidad. interventions and collaborations with stilt communities and craftsmen ,Laura Anderson Barbata, in the Museum of the City of Mexico , at an event organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Federal District Government.
Before the formal opening of the show, the group of stilt walkers and dancers took Pino Suarez Street in the historic center of the capital (which houses the Museum of the City of Mexico) and made a tour to the Zocalo, attracting hundreds of well people visited the exhibition, which has the same objective, he said, "to break the boundaries that divided conceptually contemporary art, art-action, cultural heritage and traditions and its publics".

The exhibition was inaugurated on Saturday by Alfredo Cruz, director of the Museum of Mexico City , who said that this show is the first year in this place, which, he said, seek constituted as a space where history and interact reality of the country.
Alfredo Cruz was accompanied by the author of the show, Laura Anderson Barbata, by curator assembly, Monica Villegas, for Lozada Guadalupe Leon, coordinator of Historical, Artistic and Cultural Ministry of Culture, and Ana Zagury, Council this dependence Advisory capital.
The exhibition brings together a total of 64 pieces in four major facilities-eight videos and photos, result of work-disciplinary and participatory integration process that the artist has created a group of stilt walkers of the West Indies and West Africa, based in Brooklyn , New York: The Brooklyn Jumbies , and more recently with The Zancudo, ofZaachila , Oaxaca, and Pro-Alternate Theatre, Mexico City.
A facility is dedicated to Trinidad and Tobago, the second - the theme Wall Street - contains costumes that were made during the protests that occurred in December 2011.A middle room brings different actions suits or ceremonies such as Trinidad and Tobago, New York, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Jalisco, Nayarit, among others. Pieces including re-use materials such as textiles, CDs, feather, natural fibers, textile waste, among others.
Also on display is an installation of Oaxaca which includes the part Lord of Aztlan or Queen Nyame , plus carved stilts different craft techniques. The fourth installation consists of 23 small format alebrijes made ​​by Mexicans.
In this regard, Monica Villegas said that artisans, stilt walkers and textile that have collaborated on this tour, they have been given credit "after being exposed, have called even for hire".
He also commented that the videos are very important as are support and registration materials were drafted on how each of the costumes, figurines, textiles and the story behind each. "Dan gave account of how this approach between Laura Anderson each stilt walkers, artists, artisans and textile".
At the opening of the sample were also present Isabel Lopez of the Representation of the Government of Oaxaca in Mexico City, and Hector Meneses, director of the Museo Textil de Oaxaca, as well as artisans who participated in the project, including Mariano Navarrete, Ernestina Gomez and Teresa Lopez.
Transcomunalidad. interventions and collaborations with stilt communities and craftsmen remain until January 2014 at the Museum of the City of Mexico (Pino Suarez 30, Centro Historico).
The exhibition also includes Guided Tours to the general public: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 17:00 hours Guided Tours for school groups: Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00, Guided Tours in Sign Language Mexican: second Saturday of each month, at 12:00, and tour with Braille ballots.
In addition, workshops for children and young people: third Saturday of each month, 12:30 am, and family workshops: Saturday and Sunday, 12:30 am. In addition to lectures and conferences.

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