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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Carnival Draws Thousands To Sun Life Stadium (Photos)

By Kareem Shaker
For Dr. Raja Narine, Miami Broward One Carnival and its scantily-clad outfits are a guilty pleasure. "My patients would be shocked," said Narine, a native of Trinidad and Tobago. "It feels good to let loose and celebrate our culture."

Narine and thousands of other native Caribbeans -- as well as lovers of the region, and a good party -- gathered around 18-wheelers packed with speakers Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. About every nation that celebrates the massive worldwide event was represented Sunday. Belize, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands (among many others) all celebrate Carnival at different times of the year, but Sunday it didn't matter when your native country celebrated. Islanders of all types donned fascinating costumes and extremely revealing outfits, gathering around nearly 30 "Custome Mas Bands" parade floats.

Folks had spent between $200-$1000 on costumes with large head dresses and elaborate sequins cost.

The parade, which was scheduled for noon, didn't take off until nearly 2 p.m. That was far from the concern of attendees, who passed the time mingling and pounding drinks near the entrance. The party went well into the night, culminating near dozens of Caribbean food vendors serving up ox tails and jerk chicken. That gave Short Order plenty of time to snap pictures of extravagant sights.

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