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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mac Farlane's SANCTIFICATION at the stadium on carnival Monday.

Brian Mac Farlane will be putting on a theatrical  presentation of Sanctification at the national stadium in Port of Spain on Carnival Monday 20th February 2012.
 An on-line statement on Face book to loyal masquerades read,
UWI art students work on the camp.
"TO ALL LOYAL MASQUERADERS:Mac Farlane Carnival would be taking our Mas to a different level in 2012. Together with you we plan to transform the Mac Farlane Monday Mas experience into something Magnificent.In addition to being on the road in full costume and revelling through the streets of Port Of Spain, we will be presenting ourselves in our very own space.Free of Hassel,Full of Collage, Be part of this powerful Theatrical Presentation of Mas.
The Pre Show starts at 6:30 with Rosalind Gabriel's Children Presentation followed by Shadow ,David Rudder,Silver Stars and Patrice Roberts. At 7:30pm we Mac Farlanes will cross the Stage with Kees Dieffenthaller and Tony Prescott performing where all Masqueraders will get a chance to play themselves for 45mins - 1Hour. We Look Forward to YOU being apart of this experience with US."
The section "Salacious"- SANCTIFICATION

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