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Friday, 18 February 2011

Carnival in Colombia:

Marimondas del Carnaval de BarranquillaImage via Wikipedia

Carnaval De Barranquilla!! Description: Each year during the four days before Lent, Carnaval de Barranquilla offers a repertoire of dances and cultural expressions of different cultures in Colombia. Given its geographical location on the Caribbean coast and its booming economy during the colonial period, the city of Barra nquilla has become one of the first centers of commerce in the country and in a convergence of indigenous peoples and cultures, European and African.
The blending of various local traditions permeates many aspects of the carnival, especially in the dances (like the monkey and the micas from the Americas, African congo and paloteo of Spanish origin), musical genres (mainly cumbia , but variants such as the puya and porro) and folk instruments (drums and joyful, maracas, claves). Carnival music is generally performed by sets of drums and wind instruments. The material culture of handcrafted objects profusely includes floats, costumes, head ornaments and animal masks. Groups of masked dancers, actors, singers and musicians delight crowds with theatrical and musical performances based on both historical events today. Contemporary political life and their personalities are the subject of ridicule in speeches and satirical songs that give the carnival burlesque.
With the growing success in the twentieth century, the Carnival of Barranquilla became a professional event, the subject of extensive media coverage. This development generates economic benefits for many low-income families, the increasing commercialization is a potential threat to the survival of many traditional expressions.

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