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Monday, 15 November 2010

Learning about the material world

MIX IT UP: All ready for Sunday market is this little lady in her costume
called Mix and Match.

In their attempt to contribute towards keeping the mas artform alive the team of the Carnival Babies Mas Band combines Carnival and education, while also incorporating a bit of social work in the mix. The band on November 6 launched its 2011 presentation, titled Material World, at the Port of Spain Waterfront, where several of the ten sections were revealed.

“The mission of Carnival Babies is to educate children about mas on the whole especially the creation of costumes. We will be presenting an educational theme each year. For instance in Material World we will teach the children about the different materials used in making costumes. They will learn why we use certain materials and how they are used,” Mollineau said.

“One of the great things about the band is that the children get to participate in the creation of their costumes, making the mas experience all that much more special. Apart from the primary schools, we are hoping to get the orphanages and other children’s institutions involved as well. While we wait on responses from companies we are using our resources to get the work started. The band will participate in all the competitions,” Mollineau said.

“We are teaching the children the use of many different types of materials that can be used to create costumes, which is really just about anything you can find. They will learn what materials to use in order to create the desired effects and shapes. So we have sections such as Feather World, Stretch To Fit, Frills And Thrills, Sponge Dolls and Crafty Corner,” Mollineau said.
By Wayne Bowman

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