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Friday, 22 October 2010

Rhthyms’ come alive with D Krewe

D Krewe Mas Band, led by veteran King of Carnival competitor Roland St George will launch its Carnival 2011 presentation, Rhythms, tomorrow at the band’s new mas camp, 87A Ariapita Avenue, Port-of-Spain.

The launch, which starts from 6 pm on Ariapita Avenue between Petra and Ana Streets, is free to the public and will give masqueraders, supporters and non-masqueraders the chance to see the band’s full presentation for Carnival for 2011 in what the band describes as “a street vibe styled event.”

The launch is also an opportunity to familiarise the public with the band’s new mas camp. The new venue has the traditional display and customer service areas of traditional mas camps but is will also incorporate a bar and entertainment area where activities can be held all year round.
It will be home to D Krewe’s popular Friday evening limes and other activities throughout the Carnival season.
“We at the D Krewe have entered what we see as a new era of success and as such we hope to have the band grow and evolve into more than just a Carnival entity,” St George said. “Indeed it is our hope that this new mas camp will eventually be a hub for local entertainment on the avenue and that the band itself can stimulate creative and financial growth in the industry. Our decision to have a free launch on the streets is a direct reflection of our tag line.”

He added, “We are about ‘people loving the mas’ and as such we decided to give back to our supporters through this event. We promise it will be a unique experience that gives a real taste of mas on the street for Carnival 2011.”
The public can also expect a taste of the road entertainment and all the positive energy that comes with D Krewe family at what promises to be a wonderful evening of mas and Rhythms.


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