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Monday, 6 September 2010

Notting Hill Carnival 2010: beauty, mas, and motion.

capturing a moment...
Last week Sunday and Monday West London saw the sights and sounds of the Notting Hill Carnival erupt on the streets again unlike last year this year was party was virtually incident free as revelers, masqueraders and spectators all gathered  to celebrate one of Europe's biggest street parties. All over the net there are sites with photos  and videos of the festival some amateur  some professional but all capturing and celebrating  the creative, and emancipating spirit of a carnival thats roots can be found on the small Caribbean twin Island state of Trinidad and Tobago.  
Here are some photos and links that capture aspects of this years this years carnival, hope you enjoy them..

Beauty in nhc2010.

Brazilian presence in NHC is a fast growing one.

Brazilian Samba School.

Notting Hill Carnival Beauties.

Chaos about to break loose in Confu-sion.

Lucky Guy in Chaos.

Mangrove Jail Birds.
Confu-sion Cocoyea mas.
Sweetness in Confu-sion.
To see more photos of Notting Hill 2010
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