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Friday, 7 May 2010

Lady Gaga : @ American Idol in Armani

 The surprisingly long-lasting PR machine/pop star that is Lady Gaga was surprisingly quiet – that is, her wardrobe at least – for her performance at the Met Costume Institute Gala this past Monday. But come tonight, Gaga has a much bigger stage for her choreographed singing and dancing. The pop star knowing for using soda cans as rollers is slated to appear on American Idol tonight. And in typical eye-catching form – even though moderated just a tad for primetime TV – Gaga is slated to wear an Armani silk mesh bodysuit with embroidered Chantilly lace and crystal and jet beading. Over it, she will wear a silk organza cape with an embroidered hood and black patent stiletto boots. Somehow, we’re guessing the jet beading is going to be strategically placed. The designer chatted on the ongoing design collaboration. “American Idol is a real modern phenomenon that has captured the public’s imagination and delivers great drama,” said Giorgio Armani.

“It is fitting then that the show is to host another modern phenomenon who has proved to be fascinating, and whose every appearance is a piece of theatre: Lady Gaga. Dressing Lady Gaga for the Grammy Awards, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, and now for American Idol has been a very exciting project. To complement the spirit of Lady Gaga herself, I have let my imagination run free, and the outfit I have created for her for American Idol is pure fantasy.”
Fantasy for fashion followers or if we’re talking silk mesh here, fantasy of another kind? From the sketch, we’d almost lean to the neo-classically romantic. But stay tuned to find out.

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