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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mardi Gras Indians

In Trinidad and Tobago ‘Wild Indian Mas' and Red Indian and Fancy Indian Mas are traditional characters, of T&T’s Carnival, these characters have their own language dance and rituals that are also part of their performance. In recent times, the fancy Indian has been has been somewhat revived not only on the streets of Trinidad but all over the word where Trini style Carnivals take part, alas these pretty mas are watered down commercialised versions of the real thing, the bonnets still make a visual impact but to the majority the dance, language and other rituals are lost to history.
However I came across this video of Indian Mas or American Indian Mas in New Orleans, very similar to ours in tradition yet different but as always beautiful.

mardi gras indians from American Festivals Project on Vimeo.
video documentation from The American Festivals Project.

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